Friday, 18 April 2014


Now that the rivers are forbidden, we have to turn our attentions to lakes, pools and canals. There's a very small pool 5 minutes drive away which, despite living here for 17 years I've never bothered with. It's an L-shaped one with its width more akin to a canal and rumoured to hold at least 1 20lb + carp.

I've now managed 2 visits in the last 7 days. On my initial trip I tried a boilie on a light running ledger and a lobworm under a waggler to see if the pool held any perch. There were no takers for the bottom bait but by mid afternoon, when the sun was full on the water, fish were topping all over the place. Small carp were patrolling the margins and I saw a couple at my feet. So I adjusted the depth of the waggler to just 6" and soon started to catch golden mirrors of between 5 and 6lbs. Good fun.

There was no sign of doubles and the largest I had was around 8lbs. Maybe the 20lber had been "spirited away" some time ago. Still, it's early days.

Back to the title.
Nice though that is, it's not what I meant. (Do any other bloggers find that pictures appear on their blogs without them knowing how they got there?)

By chance I'd come across an ad for Gardner's suspender controllers and I thought I'd give it a go back at the pool. So off I went yesterday afternoon for a few hours. Sods Law, no sun and cold to boot. Still, I'd invested in a suspender so I was damn well going to use it. I did try a chod rig on the second rod as a back-up just in case.

Eventually after feeding floaters for an hour or so the carp got interested and I ended up with another half dozen of these little golden ones, the largest 7.5lbs.
Again there was absolutely no interest in the bottom bait although there were plenty slurping the freebies. Those I hooked gave tremendous fun on the lighter gear so an enjoyable couple of trips.

And I'm glad the susses worked.

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