Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Bishops Bowl 1.11.11

Another fishery, like Blenheim, which is about 30 mins away from me which I haven't fished in years. It's been in the press a bit lately as new owners took it over just under 2 years ago. I remembered it as an "alien planet" type of place with the steep-sided quarry cliffs and the clear blue water. This turned out to be the main lake, one of six, which I decided to fish. I think the others aren't quite so dramatic from what I saw.
I telephoned the owner and he suggested a bank where the pike have been coming out recently but when I arrived, the layout foxed me completely. I set up on the lake I wanted to but far from the area I should have been.
I had a sardine on one rod and a mackerel tail on the other. After a few hours all I had to show were 2 small jacks. The view from my peg was pretty nice and watching the long-tailed tits and the rest of the birdlife meant I wasn't overly bothered but I did want something a bit better to pull my string.
I wound in and had a walk around this half of what is quite a big lake and soon realised exactly where the owner meant when he described the pegs. So I upped sticks and drove around to the opposite bank.
Within exactly 5 minutes of casting out, I had a strong take,  In the deep water the fish gave a very good account for itself and managed to take me around some snag directly in front of me but attrition paid off and after a few worrying moments of the line grating it came free.
I was pleased to put the net under a good-looking fish of 14lbs 10oz.
A nice fish to christen my new unhooking mat! Unfortunately I forgot my camera so missed out on a cheesy shot of me cradling it. I had to make do with my phone camera.
Around 4 ish, the wind dropped and the last of the daylight became a lovely calm evening but one which I thought wouldn't offer more pike so I drove home.