Saturday, 15 December 2012

Is this Jeff?

Just found this picture of Jeff Hatt - gentleman angler - trying for his beloved roach on the Cov canal. Or is it?

Actually I've "borowed" it from Caught by the River it's Frank Finn. C by t River is a good read.

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

It Could Become a Habit

After a suggestion from a fellow angler, I tried a new (for me) commercial pool where I was assured there were some nice perch and roach to be had. No surprise there then when we are told that the carp pools are the new Holy Grail for those species ignored and despised by the camouflaged tent-dwellers! (Have to admit I do like catching carp but definitely don't tent dwell!)
Having had a couple of days when I was thwarted by frozen locks etc last week, I was determined to give it a go. So I set off to this Oxfordshire hamlet to check things out.
Arriving at the opening time of 8 am - luckily not 7 as I was told by my confidant, I wouldn't have fancied sitting outside for an hour! - I saw a peaceful, misty scene.
For the first couple of hours I concentrated on the perch, using a nice old-school perch bobber (except it was plastic). I fed chopped worm and maggots with prawn on the hook but failed to even get any interest. It was bloody cold.

Just before midday, having had the whole place to myself, 2 well-known piscators arrived. I can only give their christian names, Phil and Merv, under pain of death.

The feeding of maggots gave away some swirls so I knew there were some fish in the swim so I changed over to a goose quill waggler and double maggot. Immediately I started to get roach. Everything from 6 oz to 1 1/2 lbs. Almost all were fin perfect.
There was only one exception which had a less than perfect mouth as well as a couple of blemishes on one flank.
Having set my stall initially for one of the 3lb plus perch and failed miserably, (I was not alone) I was pleased to finish with a nice bag of lovely redfins caught on traditional gear, a "Wotten" quill and a pin. The day had wavered between cold with a north westerly wind to fairly calm and blue skies.

 The gear I used, Wotten quill waggler, 15' rod and a Sheffield pin. 3.2lbs line.
 A modern take on a perch bobber, a 12' float rod and a Fox 4000. 6lbs line.


Like I said, this might be a habit I could get into!