Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Island Pool, Jubilee 1.11.10

BBC weather forecast was "warm for this time of year" and "mainly sunny".


The wind was blowing, (or should that be howling?), into the disabled pegs bank and Ros, having caught me for my money just as I was opening the gate, told me that there were still some pegs free there.  So I parked just behind one of them in case I needed to escape the gale and set up. I'd bought one of the Fox Zig Rig floats to try and having recently read that contrary to perceived wisdom zigs are not just for the balmy days of summer decided on a zig on 1 rod and a bottom bait on the other.

As the leaves have been raining down now for a few days I set up a chod rig on rod 2. Initially I used a pineapple pop up on the this and a bright pink super-floater on the zig. Rather than try to launch a sloppy spod over the zig due to the wind - I didn't fancy the sludge flying back in my face - I tried a roving approach over the gravel bar towards the island. Baiting up around the chod was proving almost impossible as a bunch of seagulls alternated between riding the waves and circling overhead. They seemed to know exactly when I reached for my catapult and rose off the water in anticipation of a free feed. I tried firing a couple of boilies to the left or right and quickly sending a couple towards my rig but they were quick enough to dive bomb almost every bait. I don't mind most birds - with the exception of the dreaded C word - but didn't want to use all my boilies feeding this bloody lot.  So hardly any freebies to entice a carp to try her luck.

A nearby overhanging tree had a regular drip feed of various size boiles for a last-knockings attempt. A simple bottom bait on a short hooklength was lowered under the branches but no takers.

This is why I was packing up at 4:15, 45 mins earlier than gate closure. There weren't many fishing and from what I could glean not a lot was caught. The exception was a pole fisher to my left who ended up with about 15lbs of silvers. Even he said it was nothing compared with last Friday's haul.

I think the most fun I had was working out how to set up the Fox float. Oh, and also trying to outwit those bloody seagulls!

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