Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Odds & Sods

I've been very active on the car boot front lately. Bought a lovely 15' trotting rod, hand built by Kevin Blaynes at Anglers Workshop in Staffordshire, a bargain at only £20 and almost new.
2 evening trips to Wasperton with a centre pin, stick float and a couple of pints of maggots saw me have nice mixed bags. I hope I don't have the same bad luck (or bad angling!) I had with my last rod purchase, that 16' float rod.
On the same weekend I picked up 2 books, both really enjoyable reads I can recommend thoroughly: "Fisherman's Valley" by John Bailey and "River Carping" by Neil Wayte. At 50p each, a couple of bargains.

Finally, not a car boot related item, I'm planning a trip for catfish this week, probably Friday to Pitsford Lakes. I wanted some frozen squid - rather than pay high prices for the fresh to Messers Sainsbury, Morrison etc. Neither of my local tackle shops stock it and to buy online means the postage costs meant that I'd have to buy quite a few boxes. Luckily, I had to go up to Brum yesterday so, brainwave, a visit to Wing Yip supermarket. I'd forgotton just how huge it is. Anyway, a 1 lb box of Calamari Squid all the way from sunny California is just £1.34p. At that price I decided to splash out and buy TWO boxes.

Although not yet thawed out, it looks like 6 - 8 squid per box and at a nice length about 4 - 5". The fresh ones I looked at are much bigger and I want to mount them whole rather than chopped up. If the moggies aren't tempted I'll still have one box in the freezer fot ME!
I've respooled some Shimano Baitrunners with 25lb Berkley Big Game and have some ready-made traces of Kevlar wire. The only thing needed now is a cat!

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