Friday, 23 March 2012

A Search for Perch, aka A Nice Stroll up the Cut!

Although yesterday was hot and bright I decided to have a go for perch on a nearby stretch of the Oxford Canal. I just took my 8' spinning rod and was using some new 3" shads - perch, roach and trout look-alikes.

This stretch meanders north from Banbury through some very pretty countryside with a few nice old farms and houses.

First cast, bounced the perch off the far edge, perfect! Except that it snagged on something serious. Despite the 30lb braid I was using it failed at the crimp. Bugger! Note to self, re-do all traces when I get home.

I walked about 2 miles or so up and then back again (obviously) and only saw 2 moving narrowboats but plenty moored - which I examined with the roach.  No plucks or takes.

Still, as the title says, it was a nice stroll up the cut.


  1. Unlucky Dave, the canals are hard places for spinning. Snags everywhere! That fat little perch I had the other day scared the life out of me - I wasn't actually expecting to catch a fish! Leg trembler, but was no more than twelve ounces...

  2. Yes Jeff, I did manage to "dredge" a few areas! Problem for the walkers now with all that tree rubbich strewn about.