Monday, 13 August 2012

Car Boot Gems

Not the "got any jewellery, mobile phones?" etc chat from the dealers who descend on the poor booters even before the engines are turned off, rather 2 nice rods from days gone by.

I've only once had the chance to buy a real gem, a Hardy split cane rod which needed some attention at £80, but I turned it down, foolishly as I now know. But this weekend saw us going to a couple of our regular car boots in the area. I found a lovely cane and split cane 10' rod in fabulous condition. Not made by any well-known firm, in fact it doesn't have any markings but just the quality and feel made me buy it after a small negotiation!

The other is a 13' hollow glass rod, again in great condition made by Norco of Fordingbridge and is an "Interceptor" by Howard Humphrey. He was part of Ivan Marks's "Likely Lads" match team in the 1970s and was a brand manager for Lanes Tackle.

So I can't wait to try these 2 rods out, bought for a total of £11, maybe on my local bit of the Oxford canal.


  1. I remember Howard, he has only just retired from Lanes. I bought my fist rod off him with my own hard earned money in 1978. A solid glass 10ft avon style rod with chrome ferrels and a full cork handle (they were all full cork in them days) I think I gave it away to a young lad who was in need start years ago. I bought a Billy Lane Match rod circa 1965/70 from a car boot last year and put it away for safe keeping. I remember old Billy sitting behind his counter with a big grin on his face, he always had time to pass on tips and help you with what ever youbit of info you needed from float fishing a canal to fly fish nymphs in the surface film on a trout res. There are a few gems out there for pennys.

  2. At that price you seem to have a couple of very good buys -best of luck when you try them out.