Friday, 16 November 2012

Return to Bishops 14.11.12

Another bash at the pike in Bishops Bowl was planned and eventually I made it on Wednesday. The drive up was misty and drizzly, not as bad as my last visit with Martin but I was glad my brolly was in the car. Unfortunately Sean, the owner, was having a lay-in so an early bacon bap was not possible. I had to make do with a scotch egg, not quite the same!
By the time I'd set up the mist was starting to clear and I was faced with a flat calm surface.

It's funny but I've rarely seen any fish topping, the exception being about 1 hour before dark. There weren't any tufties either so it was difficult to spot any fry or silvers which may tempt the pike.
Having chatted to a couple of regulars, I fished both rods fairly close in to the reeds.
One had a sardine and the other a mackerel, both courtesy of Mr Morrison, popped up with some new Greys "Fledger Booms". It didn't take long for the left hand rod with the sardine to develop a steady drop back. As is sometimes the case, a quick tightening up and strike met with thin air but no sardine. At least I knew the fish were there. A couple of hours later the same rod  came to life, this time a "proper" run. After only a couple of minutes a nice 12lb 4oz pike lay in the net.
It was a similar length th the one I had a week ago but this time it had obviously had a good munch as it's belly definately felt full!
The popped up approach seemed to be correct as, every time I wound in, the bait and trace were clear of weed whereas the boom and weight were covered in it. The only interest I'd had by mid afternoon was to the left hand sardine rod but eventually something decided that a big lump of mackerel was just the ticket. The right-hand rod was in. This time the pike didn't make double figures, going a shade over 9lbs.

A welcome mug of coffee was called for as the temperature started to drop back into single figures.

By now it was getting progressively darker and colder so a leisurely pack-up was called for.

In retrospect, I was quite pleased with 3 runs and 2 fish for the day. The only other angler on this lake chatted to me on his way out (a brand new Range Rover - so much for angling being a working man's sport!) and admitted he hadn't had a touch. He was fishing further up the lake where Martin and I had started last time.


  1. Well done David, nice couple of fish, and at least you've got a new tactic that your confident in.

  2. Lovely day Dave planning getting out piking myself soon when I get my arse in gear !!!!!

    I have a bag ful of tackle and a draw full of deadbaits in the freezer.....

    Bazal Peck