Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year (and some treats for me)

Firstly, I'd like to wish all fellow bloggers a Happy New Year. My personal wish is for more stable weather. All of us in the UK have been plagued with rivers either over the bank, or worse, thick and brown. Cold, frost, snow, rain - in moderation - are all OK but the stuff we've had thrown at us recently is just not on! Get a grip you weather Gods.

We went away for the week over Christmas to Suffolk and despite the general dampness managed to have a great time. Super ribs of beef on Christmas day from a proper butcher, local veg and eggs, brilliant deli stuff including succulent boquerones and potted shrimps for Christmas starters and a real bread shop which forced me to have more slices than absolutely necessary. We enjoyed it so much we've booked again for next Christmas and this time I've promised to take part in the stupid Christmas morning dip in the sea.

I didn't take any fishing gear this time but still managed a trip to a little place where a chap runs a smashing second-hand book shop. It's a place to while away several hours while wives try to convince themselves that they really need all that tat in the shops! I've picked up some lovely countryside-type books over the years from him. When we went in September he had only one book which I fancied, Lord of the Forest by BB. I admit to liking his childrens' books but I'm always on the look-out for his other works.

My luck was in as the shop owner had recently bought a library which included lots of BB's books ranging from new to first editions. I selected quite a few piled up near the till, but then went through them in a more sensible fashion. I'd already put the first editions aside, £70 plus prices not now being in my remit.

So I confined myself to just three.

Of course, while driving back I mentally kicked myself for not buying a few more titles, particularly those on wildfowling. Still, for a little over £20 I had some nice additions - all in great condition - to my library of his books.

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