Friday, 21 June 2013

A More Classical Approach

Thursday evening on the Warwickshire Avon. Having fished a few miles further downstream on Tuesday where the barbel refused to play - but I did manage 4 nice chub - Martin joined me on one of the regular stretches where we knew there were some, not many, chunky barbel. While he went big time with powerful quivers, pellet, paste etc., I wanted to put 2 "new" old split cane rods.

I had spent an evening a week ago with an acquaintance who is selling his big collection of old and vintage gear. As well as a pristine Hardy "The Tourney" 7' 3" fly rod which I hope to enjoy on the Windrush sometime soon and a 1908 Hardy salmon rod "The Murdoch" (when am I likely to go after salmon???, I bought a Peter Stone Ledgerstrike, by Chapmans of Ware, Hertfordshire and an Edgar Sealy "Rover".
That's eating out and little treats out of the window for a bit!

I arrived first and set both rods up, the Legerstrike with a feeder and pellet approach and the Rover with a nice cane and balsa Avon.

There was about 3 1/2 ft just off the rod tip and, feeding maggots and casters regularly, I had a good mixed bag of small chub, nice-looking dace, perch and roach. Nothing of any size but a very satisfying result on my Mr Crabtree gear. I alternated between the float and the feeder but the feeder rod didn't come up with anything.

Although Martin fished determinedly until 10, he just had "chub" knocks but no fish.

To  keep our inner man satisfied I cooked us both a couple of bacon rolls, there's nothing like the smell of frying bacon to buck up the spirits!

That, as well as the kingfisher flashing up and down the river, chaffinches making a racket and flying from the tree opposite to a bush at my shoulder, and watching the Wild West antics of several horses in the field opposite,made for a most enjoyable trip.


  1. Martin always goes big time !!!

    Bazal Peck

  2. 'No prisoners' is what I say.
    That bit of the Avon looked great, plenty of likely looking spots.

  3. I think it a really tough stretch of river that. Looks great but hard fishing. I think Keith Jobling put in over ten sessions for one barbel couple of years back. He got a double out of it but became so desperate that in his words "I was actually willing the bite to come" which miraculously, it did!