Sunday, 13 October 2013

Jeff's New Shed

Spotted this photo and am pleased that Jeff's finally finished his man cave. (

Didn't realise he had an interest in old Yankee cars though.

On the fishing front, I hope to break my recent lack of action by having a day on a Wye & Usk Foundation stretch of the Wye near Hereford this Friday. While I'll be taking the easy route - going for a couple of days in a hotel - Martin and Joe will be pounding the tarmac on a day trip to join me. I'll see if I can smuggle a couple of sausages from my breakfast table for them!

Hopefully we'll have something to report next weekend.


  1. How very generous of you, could you also see your way to a little bit of bacon and some red sauce.

  2. A rare old Norse name in the States! Well I never.

    I'll have to make up a nameplate for mine, Dave. Out of brass I think...