Thursday, 10 February 2011

Back to normal at Manor Farm/Wasperton

Oh dear. Had an early start this morning on the BAA stretch. I fished 2 rods, maggot feeder, smelly cheesepaste and bread. My mate went with pellets and maggots. River at normal level, overcast day with a bit of drizzle. What did we catch/ Sweet FA. Any bites? No.

We worked it out that between him, another mate and me we've done approx. 40 rod-days (2 rods per person per day) since Jan 1st without a fish. These 2 guys are ex match fishernman and current match fisherman so, not including me, not stupid. I know we've all been experiencing hard days but this takes the biscuit. I've decided to give up on this venue for the foreseeable future and concentrate on the Lower Avon. Any of you guys been having it at Waspo?


  1. That's not good in terms of stats.

    I've sneaked a day off tomorrow with Brian and I was thinking of trying a couple of new spots on local rivers I've never fished.

    I think I'll give that idea a miss now - you've just reminded me that at this time of the year it's probably best to stick with the tried and trusted areas. I can't face going back to blanking just yet!

  2. Unlucky David.

    I had an evening on LAA Waspo' all out for barbel amongst the high winds of last weekend but apart from a couple of chubby plucks no takers.

    One chub from the Plough earlier this evening but only ~3lbs.

    If these mild conditions continue the rivers will improve sharply. I just want to be there when it happens!


  3. That's dissapointing David, I haven't been back since the summer, I did think about doing a winter visit back then.

    As Sean says, maybe I'll stick to the places I know have form for now.