Monday, 21 February 2011

Wormery Update #2

I started this project in August last year on a very small scale to decide if I should buy or build a larger wormery. I reported in September that although the lobs were looking remarkably healthy, there had certainly not increased in number, in fact it looked like there were slightly fewer.

During the months since, I've kept a small amount of fresh veg peelings going in and ensured that the whole remained slightly damp. I came to check this morning and upon emptying the container I found.....................................NO WORMS!

What I have got is a quantity of nice-looking compost for the garden, not exactly what I had in mind. Has anyone else had experience of this phenomenon? Is it just lobs that don't seem to breed in these conditions because I know of others with dendros (or similar) having great success?


  1. Hi David, I've only ever managed to keep lobs successfully for about 2 months, after that they just shrivel and die.

    You can feed them with smash mash powder (you know the one with the robots) but you need to discard what they don't eat. Too much of a faff for me. I just change the soil, moss and leaves once a week or so.

    From what you describe, you might find Redworms will suit your wormery better. I keep thousands in a wheelie bin using exactly the same method. No grass cuttings or citrus fruits like orange and lemon though, or oninons it'll kill em !

  2. Funny you mention it David, as I turned my wormery out at the weekend with the intention of taking a supply for Sunday's fishing (report to follow soon, but nothing exciting).

    I found a handful of lobworms in the equivalent of about a barrowful of nice compost. All redworms had vanished. So, like yourself, I didn't even manage to sustain what I put into it.

    Out with the fork and a quick turnover of one of my vegetable beds and I found plenty of worms. I won't have that luxury when it's all planted up though, which is why I gave the wormery a shot.

    Oh well, nothing lost I guess - apart from a few worms!

  3. Thanks both. I think in future I'll just invest at my local tackle shop :-(