Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Last Knockings

Went to a private stretch of the upper Avon yesterday afternoon and found the weather again wasn't the best for catching. Bright sunshine and cold, clear water.

A lovely-looking bit of river with several likely hot spots. My mate fished a long glide where a few days ago a 14lb plus barbel had been taken and I started on a swim which had a couple of nice scoured bays opposite.

Although we fished until dark, the only signs of fish were a couple of pulls on the bread rod.

 Late in the afternoon a little black swan put in an appearance. It's mate was particularly aggressive and chose to come ashore exactly where I was sitting in order to give me a menacing hiss! I decided NOT to share the remains of my Sainsburys' organic loaf with him/her.

So yet another blank on this part of the Avon to finish the river Season. I'm now looking forward to searching out the lakes until the middle of June.

Hope you guys who got out on the last day fared better.


  1. Is that the Barford stretch David?

    If it is, then that black swan (assuming it's the one I saw late last year) likes to move around a bit. It was about 4 miles downstream the last I knew!

  2. Don't worry David, we'll be back on running water before we know it, in the mean time there's all those lovely tench, carp and bream to start planning for !!

  3. Sean, yes it's on a Farm just below the Barford Club's stretch - very nice looking bit of river. My mate's friends with the farmer. I've seen that swan around Manor Farm and Wasperton as well.

    Lee, I'm already planning the still waters attack. Hope to try for some bream next week.