Friday, 25 March 2011

Back for Grandmother

Having had a memorable day earlier this week I went back on Thursday to College in search of "my" perch's Grandma. I could only do a morning session so arrived at the same peg about 8 (late, I know) and started to feed a mixture of chopped worm, prawn and red maggot while I tackled up.

As you all know it was a real summer's day, blue sky, sunshine, so I wasn't feeling too confident. I was right. Apart from a couple of tentative nibbles on a piece of chopped worm, my float rod remained unscathed. I did manage 3 nice bream on pellet from the depths between 5lbs and just over 6lbs, so not a wasted day.

But, as Arnie said, I'll be back.

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