Friday, 20 May 2011

19.5.11 Snitterfield

Not been out for over 6 weeks due to a number of things but managed a few hours yesterday at the old Fruit Farm. Arrived just after the gates opened at 7am and had the lakes to myself. Orchard Lake holds a good stock of doubles and 20s so I settled into a corner swim which had enough, but not too many, snags.

As boillies are banned I started with a 12mm red pellet tipped with a plastic corn on one rod and 1 piece of sinking maize with 2 floating corn on the other.  The chap who turned up regularly fishes here and told me that earlier in the week this corner was alive with fish. The water level was, apparently, about 8" down and close in there was only about 12 " of water. I couldn't see any signs but decided to take his advice, at least to begin with. The lillies to my right turned out to be hard going - he had 10 carp from them last week! Much to my surprise, fishing tight to the branches on my left resulted in 4 bites. The first 2 pulled out early on in the fight, maybe due to the fact that many of the fish have damaged moths - I'm not going to change that as I like the sound of it! - but I managed to land 2 nice commons, both of which had complete mouths, a golden one at over 11lbs and the other, a silver colour, at over 9lbs.

Looking at the photos now they seem to be the other way 'round. The silver one looks heavier but I can assure you it wasn't the case.

So a reasonably pleasing return to the angle! The only downside was that when I packed up I didn't notice that my trusty old Sony Cybershot was unprotected when I put wet nets and waterproofs in the boot. It's taken 24 hours for he rear screen to clear the condensation but now the bloody thing won't switch off! I have to take the batteries out but even then the lens doesn't always retreat. I know, my fault. I'll have to check the cost of a repair, or maybe even a new one. Bugger!
While previewing the post the lens has just gone in and come out straight away all by itself. Grrrr.


  1. Dave, it sounds as though its a gonna. If you have to fork out then get a waterproof camera - I did, as I had two go down the pan for the same reasons - never looked back. Pike slime all over it in mid winter and freezing problem. Pictures in the rain, no problem either. Want to store your camera in your net, in the water, with the fishes, no problem!

    They ain't cheap but they ain't so costly in the long run.

    Mines an Olympus Tough Mju 6020 but there are others out there now

  2. Hello Mate.

    I was wondering where you were. I thought you'd won the lottery and run off to Southwold.

    Great to see your out on the bank again and bad luck over the camera.

  3. Welcome back David, nice to see your out banking em again.