Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Jubilee 21.5.12

First trip to Jubilee this year. I was tempted after meeting a guy in Lanes in Cov who showed me photos of a 6lb + eel he'd caught last week on a boilie while fishing for carp. Even with carp gear that must have been a hell of a fight.

I arrived a little later than official opening time to find only 1 angler fishing, but he was close to the area I was interested in, so as the whole of the rest of the lake was free decided not to buddy up to him on the next peg and had a wander around. Eventually, as the wind had been fairly constant over the last few days from the North - not an ideal one - I set up on the point facing the island. This gave a nice chuck to the island as well as access to both bays to my left and right - until others arrived, if they did.

The first rod was cast to the island with a snowman and the second into the bay with a bottom bait. Both had solid bags attached with a mixture of crushed boilies, pellets and hemp. I was using the new Fox Rapide bag system for the first time and I must admit I've never made bags so compact and streamlined. Well impressed!

I started to pick up bream on the bottom bait, all males with their sexy finery as to be expected at this time of year.

I've normally found that between 11ish and 4ish the fish seem to go off the feed, indeed many of the regulars don't bother to turn up until mid afternoon. However, around midday I had 2 beautiful, butter gold, commons in fantastic condition, the largest going 10lbs 10oz.

Later in the afternoon the bream switched on again and I finished with 8 to 5lbs 11oz.

A nice way to start my 2012 time at Jubilee.

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  1. Just come back from there dave and they look like they are grouping up to spawn on the back pool ....


    Saw the photo of the eel on the board ....christ!!!