Sunday, 20 May 2012

Oxfordshire Pit

Had a few early hours last week at one of my "new" waters. I decided to have a fairly traditional day, float fishing with my 15' hand-built rod and "Sheffield" centre pin. This long rod is needed as just off the rod tip there's over 12' of water. Keith had kindly presented us with hand-made floats when we attended his birthday bash at Blenheim and I decided to try this quill out. (Really I wouldn't have posted except to show him that they work!).

Initially I tried red maggots but could only attract small perch, nice enough on the light gear, and changed over to corn after catching about 50 of the little stripies. This brought on some nice roach about half a pound and bream to around 2lbs. So, for Keith, a shot of the float!

Incidentally, the float shots perfectly with 2 BBs.

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