Wednesday, 7 July 2010

College Pool 6.7.10

Not as early a start as I'd planned but still got there about 7:45. I'd decided to target the bream and as I'd got the free half round method feeder with last week's AT thought I'd give this a go. I bought a Preston Innovations method mould and bags of 2mm and 6mm pellets. I thought if I only took gear for 1 method I would't be tempted to chop and change during the session. So I packed my Greys feeder rod with a 1oz glass tip, a Stratos loaded with 6lb line and a few 4" hook links (also 6lbs) to size 10s which I'd tied up the night before. When I got there, one chap was already set up by the lillies so I went about a third of the way down the lake, even though I fancied the area near the lillies  - I hate it when someone sets up in the next swim if there's loads of room elsewhere!

Having soaked the pellets for the time suggested on the bags, I hair rigged a Sonubaits soft hooker 8mm pellet and had my first go at moulding the damp pellets around the feeder. Amazingly (to me) they stayed on OK!

The wind was blowing up the lake towards my bank and the lillies so I felt reasonably confident when I cast out.  It only took about 5 casts at 5 minute intervals - to build up a bit of bait as suggested by articles I'd read - for the tip to start twiching. Line bites, so at least there were fish in the swim.

Then it pulled round so no doubt it was a bite! After a little bit of head-nodding - the fish not me - it came up to the surface and I could see staight away that it was a decent fish. Unfortunately it didn't want to give me a hard time and allowed itself to be guided into my net. Looked a fair weight, at least for me, so I decided to weigh it. 6 3/4lbs, beat my previous best by about 1/2lb. Result.

Over the next 4 hours I had a total of 8 bream, smallest 6lbs and the best 7.25lbs, another PB. Well chuffed.

Who said this method was only for catching little stocked carp in holes in the ground? Not me now. So damped pellets on these small feeders will definately stay in my armoury from now. What surprised me a little was the similarity of size of the fish. I think there's a reasonable head if bream in the pool but was surprised not to catch some smaller ones. I'm not complaining mind you.

The majority of the fish were still showing signs of spawning (I assume), they had abrasions and knocks on their flanks. I used some anti-septic liquid on the worst bits but they all swam away strongly. In fact a couple were giving it large in my landing net, if only they'd have used their strength in the fight!

All in all a very satisfactory expedition. I'm trying to be more selective in the species I target and not get carried away with loads of methods during a trip.

I met a mate who bayliffs Wasperton and we're arranging a day on the lower reaches of the river for next week. It might screw up my ambition of going for a particular species as I know there's carp as well as bream down there with also a chance of a barbel. My method will probably appeal to all 3 of them. Still, I know how this bit of the river can dissapoint.

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  1. I remember that beached barge in your side bar photos David - would have made a cracking feature for the summer that....