Thursday, 1 July 2010

Snitterfield 23.6.10

Had a reasonably early start arriving at about 5 in the morning. It was going to be a hot one so lots of sun cream on. Carefully washed off hands - not sure if the fish can sense it on bait I've handled but best to be sure.

After an hour or so a couple of hot air ballons appeared from Stratford ish direction. They looked fantastic in the morning sky. I always wonder where they finish up.

Tried a method feeder out between the lillies (water hyacinths??) with well soaked vitalin and some corn with corn on the hook but other than 2 bream the carp who were crashing about turned their noses up.

Went back to the float and although I was picking up some roach, the crucians I'd enjoyed catching last year didn't seem to be about. That is until Danny turned up and pointed out that just off the rod tip rather than 2 rod lengths out was the line. Cheers Danny! I finished up with about 2 dozen roach and 12 nice crucians, the majority around the 2lb mark. Fought well on a 1 1/2lbs hook link. All on corn, I couldn't tempt them on pellet but then again it was corn I'd been feeding for a few hours.

Unlike Danny, I got back in time for the England game having picked up some beer and a curry from Sainsburys.

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