Thursday, 1 July 2010

Wasperton 30.6.10

Another reasonably early start. Set up and fishing by 5.30. Decided to concentrate on the Barbel so an inline lead with a 10mm Marine Halibut boilie and a PVA bag of MH stick mix and some matching 3mm pellets and some coarsely ground boilies.

The weather wasn't as hot and sunny as recently, overcast and not so hot until 10 ish. First fish about 6.00 was a chunky chub of 5 1/4lbs.

Nice but not the intended target. Moved swim after chucking in some pellets and cut up boilies as I thought it needed resting after the commotion. Nothing doing further down so after about and hour went back to the first swim.
A couple of chub but smaller than the first soon followed. THEN. The highlight of the day. Not a barbel but a 3" gudgeon, fairly hooked through the top lip. It looked strange on a size 8 hook!

Finally packed up about 10.00 pleased with the chub but disappointed not to find any barbel. Maybe an earlier start's called for. Or try last knockings.

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