Tuesday, 10 August 2010

First Attempt at a Wormery

Reading a post by Sean on "Off the Oche" persuaded me to finally get into having my own wormery. I'd bought a tub of lobworms for a (failed) perch attempt at Jubilee Lakes so I thought to begin with I'd try a smallish wormery to house the remaining worms. If this is a success, I'll progress to making a larger one.

At a car boot last weekend I bought a plastic kitchen cereal or similar container about 18" x 12" for the princely sum of 20p. I'd checked a few wormery sites via Google and followed these steps. This is the one I've used.
Drill some air holes in the lid.

Put shredded newspaper, slightly wetted in the bottom followed by a layer of sand. Then a layer of well rotted farmyard manure and scatter the worms on this. Top with another layer of compost and then your kitchen veg waste, again slightly wetted. I chopped it all up rather than leaving the bits too big (except for a tangerine peel which you can see!). Then another layer of compost.

At the moment it's in the garage but will be transferred to a shaded greenhouse (posh name for a bit of green plastic and poles bought from Aldi!!)

Hope it's a success so I can bring my O -Level woodwork skills to bear.

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