Sunday, 22 August 2010

A New Centre Pin (Still to be bought!)

Some advice please from anyone out there.

I've decided to treat myself to a new centre pin. Not from the rareified atmosphere of J W Young, Hardy etc, I'm not made of money, but a more affordable make. I've looked on t'internet and have thought about, from the most expensive, Okuma Aventa Pro, Okuma Sheffield, Ikonix.

I'll part fund it by eBaying my Bob Church Arthur Cove 9.5 ft Nymph fly rod and a few fly fishing bits, a Daiwa Harrier 120M and possibly some other rods and reels I've had for YEARS which I couldn't bring myself to get rid of earlier.

A question, how important is it to have a ratchet? I think some reels don't have one. (?)

Mostly I think I'll use it for trotting but I notice that some pictures show anglers fishing on rests and they mention that the "sound of the drag" has a wonderful call. Should I cover all, or most, bases on this? I imagine, when trotting, I don't need a ratchet.

Isn't it exciting when we boys make plans for some new purchase!


  1. I have an Okuma Aventa pro David and can't find fault with it. It's a good trotting reel.

    I'd say a ratchet is essential. Yes you won't need it whilst your float is sailing downstream but when your tackle is out of the water the weight of the line between the reel and the first rod eye would cause the spool to rotate backwards and a tangle would result. Flicking the ratchet on is similar to putting the anti-reverse on a fixed spool reel to stop unwanted backwinding.

    Of course if your legering with the ratchet on then it acts like an analogue bite alarm, waking you up nicely.

    I've not owned a wide enough variety of 'pins to make hard recommendations but I'd apply the same logic as I would to any other piece of gear you intend to be using for many years - buy the best you can afford from a well known manufacturer.

  2. Thanks Keith. Just been Googling and found Tackleoutlet in Darlaston offering them for £89.99 so I'll see if I can pick up as I'm in Brum tomorrow.

  3. Bugger, done more research and found very negative comments on a Carp Forum!