Saturday, 28 August 2010

Snitterfield 27.8.10

Well, finally got my new centre pin. I had reserved an Okuma Aventa Pro with Lanes but they couldn't tell me when they expected a delivery. However, they had some Sheffields in and did me a good price so I went up and got one. Spent Thursday afternoon looking at it and playing with it!  I spooled on 100m of Beyer Perlon 8lbs (thanks for the advice Keith) and connected a further 100 of 4.4lbs. I plan to use various breaking strains on top of the 8lbs depending on what I'm after. It seems relatively easy to unspool one lot back to its original spool and replace it. At least that's the plan!

Wanted to try it out at Wasperton top meadow but Keith told me that it was ripping through, probably not ideal trotting conditions. Change of plans. So Friday afternoon saw me fiddling with the padlock at Snitterfield. There were only 2 other anglers there which surprised me considering it was i) school hols and ii) Bank Holiday weekend. The afternoon was more of a "getting used to" trip rather than a serious attempt at emptying the reservoir - or that's my excuse.

I must admit I enjoyed the experience and managed to bank 3 crucians and 6 roach in the 4 hours I was there. On one occasion I looked down at the reel and saw that there were several turns not on the spool but wrapped around the handles. Ah well, I am still getting used to it! I'm looking forward to trotting with it soon.

An added bonus is that I picked up a pair of Daiwa neoprene chest waders at a car boot this morning (Saturday) for £10. The guy said he only wore them a couple of times last winter. The condition suggested he was telling the truth. It must have looked a right sight, this old git trying on a pair of chest waders in the middle of a packed car boot! Still, for such a bargain, do I care?

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