Saturday, 18 December 2010

18.12.10 Going Fishing?

OK, I'll own up.  Went out last week on the Avon and between me and my mate (14 combined hours) not a fish, not a bite not even a twitch between us. Just some liquidised bread in the feeder and some flake on the hook for the INEVITABLE chub. But no!

Fish 10 - Us a big fat zero.

So this morning, having finally finished the Christmas decorations etc, I thought "A couple of hours me time". Sure we'd had snow yesterday and more forecast for today. But am I man or a mouse? By the time I'd sorted a couple of rods out, the answer was definately "squeek, squeek". At the moment 8" and still falling, so TV on and a nice glass of whisky.

Roll on next week!

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