Sunday, 5 December 2010

Latest Venture Out

Decided to give it a go yesterday. The weather had warmed up and the snow was melting. A light rain had started so despite the "snow melt" I packed a very small set-up and headed to a venue I wasn't that familiar with. Things started to go wrong when I arrived in the general vicinity only to realise that the exact location (which other Bloggers had suggested) was proving impossible to find. I asked a few people but surprisingly no-one had heard of it. The nearest I got was someone who knew the road but when I eventually got there the swim proved to be the wrong one.

Stuff this, I thought so I parked up and decided that it couldn't be too difficult to sort out the exact spot.  By this time the rain had gone from light to "wets you right through". My outerwear was proving to be up to the job but I'd forgotten my hat and the rain was causing a problem with my glasses.  Eventually a friendly local pointed be in the right direction and I finally found the swim but was surprised to find Keith already in it! Still he called me over and with a pint of tasty real ale I settled down.

Soon the bloody place was crowded with other fishermen. So we all decided to stuff the fishing and drink! Mind you, as I was driving I had to switch to pints of lime and lemonade. Blimey, it gives you stomach ache!

So it was great meeting you all and having a good chat.  Look forward to seeing you lot on the bank somewhere.  Only sorry I had to leave early just as you all seemed to be settling in for a session.

BTW, how was that Lap Dancing Club?

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