Thursday, 2 September 2010

Horseshoe, Jubilee 1.9.10

After quite a few days NOT getting out, I finally managed some water time yesterday. As the weather was back to "proper" summer weather I decided on a few hours at Jubilee. I've found that, in my experience at least, the carp don't get going until mid/late afternoon so I only got there about midday.

Island Lake was quite busy and not much action (although Ros told me later that a 28lbs had come out that morning). Some nice bloke pointed out that we can now drive down to the land between the 2 lakes so it saved barrowing my stuff. So much for my moan about too many disabled (not!) anglers parking there.

I set up on peg 8 and watched loads of carp cruising just under the surface for the first few hours. I couldn't tempt them with zigs so I put both rods out with bottom baits on heli rigs.  One went about halfway towards the far bank and the other to my right about a rod's lenth out from a tempting looking bush. I catapulted about 20 boilies around the "long" rod and a couple of handfulls on the "short".

By now I was burning, the sun was right on me and I'd forgotten the sun cream. Easily done considering the crap weather we've been having recently. I moved my chair behind a sheltering bush which also helped, or so I hoped, with concelement from any carp visiting the margins.

I managed to get a couple of high single commons from the deeper water and then it all went quiet again until the hanger smashed up against the buzzer. As with most of the commons here it fought over its weight. Just on 11lbs and for a change it had the start of a carpy belly on it.

Thanks to the young man who was fishing just around the corner who came over when he saw I was in for taking the pic. Note to self: Cut down on the pies.

Again I had a quiet spell until, just having decided that the evening rush hour wasn't going to materialise, the "long" rod went off again. I was using 1 oz weights and after hooking itself the lightness of weight seemed to convince the fish that nothing was the matter. To begin with I thought I'd hooked a bream due to the distinct lack of fight. However when it got within 15 yards it woke up and gave a really good account of itself. This time it was one of the more usual residents, long and torpedo-shaped. Also it was a much darker fish, not as golden as the first few.Took the scales to a smidgin over 13lbs. So a satisfying end to the day and I packed up just before locking up time.

Once again I have to say how impressed I am with the condition of the fish at Jubilee, Horseshoe in particular. Mouth, fin and scale perfect!

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