Tuesday, 28 September 2010

BAA Stretch at Wasperton 28.9.10

Met up with a mate at the usual lay-by Michelin Starred eatery. After a bacon and egg bap wolfed down at exactly 7 am we drove down to the propellers. I only had a half day due to other things needed to be done before our holiday in Southwold so decided a barbel line plus a nice trot with the 'pin would do me.

Despite ellipse pellets, super smelly boilies and eventually my guaranteed standby, meat, the barbel decided not to play. However, I really enjoyed a hectic time with the float. I used a slightly heavier than usual chubber rather than a stick in order to fully understand the workings of my new centre pin. Maggots regularly fed about 1 and a half rod lengths out was the idea and I caught almost one a chuck. Small chublets, roach, bleak and the occasional perch - nothing bigger than 8 oz - came regularly to hand. The good news with this is that I don't have to wash my landing net tonight!

So that's it for sweet water fishing for this week, from Friday I'll be going a bit more salty. Hopefully I'll be reporting some success off the beach in about 10 days time - or not!. (I won't mention the wonderful Adnams and the HUGE fish and chip suppers we'll be having.)

Good luck to you guys.

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  1. Adnams Broadside on draft and a meal of gammon ham, egg and chips is my idea of paradise.

    I reckon I'm within a decade of growing a big real ale beard and taking to corduroy.

    Good luck in the brine David.