Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Wormery Update

I posted in August about starting a (small) wormery and promised to update. I've spent a few hours sorting out my gear in the garage and thought I'd check on the lobs. They seem to have gone through some of the peelings etc but not all so I empted the container out and found either the same number, or possibly, fewer worms. They all look in fantastic condition, too good to let fish eat - only kidding. Has anyone else found this? Is it just lobs and do red worms get on with it better?


  1. Thanks for reminding me David.

    I'll have a ferret through my experimental wormery when I get a chance (nearer the weekend) and I'll post the results.

  2. I've followed your lead guys and filled a tea crate with worms - some lobs and brandlings - last weekend.

    God knows if they'll survive let alone procreate but if it works might save £1.50 a throw at the tackle shop.

  3. Looking forward to hearing how yours are getting on Sean.
    Good luck Keith! More beer money for you.