Thursday, 16 September 2010

Manor Farm Wasperton, 15.9.10

Having re-joined the BAA I went up to their stretch at Wasperton. Arriving at about 6:00am I had the pleasure of driving alongside the river to chose a peg. I had forgotton that many of their water's have this facility - a boon to us "senior citizens". I'd settled on a straight which had a very inviting bay opposite formed by a fallen willow.  As I was tackling up the sun started to rise over the far trees.

I started off with a 10lbs 3' flourocarbon hook length with two 8mm ellipse pellets hair rigged to a size 10. I fished a sliding 2oz lead and attatched a small bag of the pellets to the hook. Initially I was casting just to the left of the willow's branches, hopefull that a barbel would find the smell of the halibuts irresistable. (After all, when I got home I scrubbed my hands AND had a shower and still couldn't get rid of the smell!)

Alas, despite my perfect casting, all I got was weed and branches from the bay. Bugger.

A regular, walking past,  told me that "there's big bream in that bay mate". Not for me.

Switching to a shorter line to the left of the bay I managed a couple of small chub - good news for the future - and that was all.  I reeled in and went for a walk. Telephoning a mate I was told that I was in completely the wrong place, I needed to be further upstream where the river was shallower with some nice runs between streamer weed. I saw a likely looking spot and decided to move.

By now I'd finished my "healthy" fruit and seeds bars but was still feeling peckish. A change of swim was called for and I was convinced I could smell sizzling bacon from the chuck waggon on the nearby layby. I'm sure you regulars have enjoyed from time to time their wonderful bacon or sausage or egg or everything sarnies. Well, the convenience of being able to drive the length of the stretch coupled with the knowledge that in 5 mins maximum I could get a sandwich, made up my mind. Quickly putting my tackle in the back of the car I drove to the breakfast van and was soon back in my new chosen swim. I decided a contemplative approach was called for here so I put up my chair and enjoyed the biggest bacon and egg doorstep I'd had in ages while scanning the river.

This had to be a productive swim. No. I switched to a feeder filled with a selection of pellets and held in with a little groundbait.  I laid down a bed of hemp cooked with chilli powder and laced with sea salt on an inside track alonside some reeds ready for later but that too failed to interest them.

So at the end of an enjoyable but virtually fishless day, what had I learned? The Avon is a cruel mistress at times for sure. Both swims looked really good if not bankers. Maybe more alternative baits on the day would have made the difference?  Maybe I should have done the 6pm till dark approach instead of the dawn one? Who knows? Hope to get to the Severn or the Wye next week for a change. That or lower down the Avon. (That bloody sarnie was wonderfull though!)


  1. Bad luck re the barbel. according to Pete from fisherman schill there are all up and down the waspo baa stretch. Your spot about the beer in southwold, I have been on the Adnams tours a few times and always partake of the sample session at the end. I am actually stopping up the coast near lowestoft but I hope to do at least one session at the mouth of the river at southwold after bass.

  2. Your first peg's where I had one on caster at the end of July, so there in there mate ! I also had a bream out too on pellet. It's a nice stretch isn't it, I'll certainly be giving it another go this season.

  3. Cheers you two.
    Danny, I had my bass about 5 breakwaters down from the pier. Let's hear how you get on as I need some local info for first week Oct.
    Lee, thanks for that! I'm sure they're there all right, it was just me.